Since 2018, WISEC is committed to maintaining the highest level of Professional Integrity, Ethical Standards, and Regulatory Compliance. Our simple business philosophy and core values are based on being Customer Centric, Operational Service Excellence, Integrity, Sustainability and a Winning Attitude.

Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is to be the Best Service Provider, promoting Education, Employment, Migration and Tourism related services at an affordable price, targeting and catering towards the needs of all types and segments of customer profiles.

Our Students Are Up To 7x More Likely To Gain Admission Into Their Dream Universities

Our Education takes your university application to a new level of personalisation and success, increasing your chances of admission to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, Oxford and other top-ranked universities by up to 700%.


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Meet Our Professional Team Members

Our team at Wisec has the joy of being able to inform and help several candidates and their families every day. We put a lot of effort into finding the most effective means of paving the way to success for our prospects. Our primary purpose is to assist every applicant in achieving their desired university admissions objectives. Our ambition to revolutionize the experience of personalized online and offline services to place the applicants in the appropriate positions inspires our dedicated workforce, who are based in Mumbai, India, and Auckland, New Zealand. We actively encourage inclusion and diversity, equality of opportunity for all, and the professional growth pathway. We are proudly local and dedicated to doing the right thing, responsibly.