Foreign Exchange Assistance

Edwise has association with reputed foreign exchange dealers in order to avail prompt services and competitive exchange rates. They assist you with wire transfers, currency notes, international debit cards and demand drafts. Insurance :We offer special packages for student travel insurance, medical insurance, loss and accident insurance (combined and lower than international rates). Incase insurance is included in your tuition fees already you must avail insurance from the period of travel commencement until university insurance policy commences. Telecom Services :Get International Roaming at affordable rates. USA CAN AUS & NZ sim cards & enjoy free incoming, low cost calling rates to India

Migration Advice + Service

Support your international graduates to understand their career options and requirements, and the best right visa for them. Get feedback on the relevance of your courses through Post Study Visa successes. Our support services can give advice, help with visa applications and connect students with local opportunities.